Har Bracha Tahini 500 gr (17.6 Oz)

Product Description

Har Bracha Tahini is a small Samaritan family business in Mount Gerizim, Nablus. Using special production methods to create a unique rich flavor Tahini known worldwide for its unforgettable taste and texture.

This high-quality tahini requires minimum intervention on your part. All you need is a pinch of salt, freshly-squeezed lemon juice and some water (ice cold water makes thicker and creamier tahini). Mix with a stick blender or simply with a fork until the mixture is even and smooth. And that's all it takes to enjoy tahini at its best.

Tahini is made of 100% Humera Sesame Seeds, roasted and stone ground to perfection. It is KOSHER, VEGAN FRIENDLY, 100% NATURAL without any artificial ingredients.

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