Everything Halva Dust

Product Description

Inspired by Everything Bagel Spice, we have created our own sweet version for you to enjoy.


Every time we slice halva, tiny crumbs fall onto our cutting boards. We collect them immediately and allow the flavors of coffee, cardamom, chocolate and cinnamon, pistachios and hazelnuts to blend together.


We are obsessed with this new delicacy and are delighted to share our #zerowaste super special Everything Halva Dust with you. 


Sprinkle Everything Halva dust over oatmeal, smoothies, yogurt, pancakes, fruit, salad, ice cream, buttered toast, hot cocoa or anything your heart desires. 


You can even bake with it.


Imagine this, a fresh apple, sliced, a generous drizzle of our wholegrain tahini over the top and Everything halva Dust.


Thank us later!!

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