​Protein shake with halva glow up

​Protein shake with halva glow up on 01.30.23

Here is a delicious recipe for a protein packed smoothie with antioxidants from cacao, fiber from flax seeds and good fats to be decorated with halva for an extra treat.Ingredients:One portion protein … read more
​Raw matcha lemon bars with halva crust

​Raw matcha lemon bars with halva crust on 01.19.23

We love the taste of fresh bright lemon bars. Here is a simple recipe for matcha lemon bars with a nutty halva crust. Nutritious and decadent, keep some of these bites on hand for a mid morning snack … read more
​Smoothie bowl with halva

​Smoothie bowl with halva on 01.18.23

A smoothie bowl can be a very attractive breakfast after a workout, a hot day and it will feel like an ice cream breakfast filled with goodies. Adding in some veggies will help avoid a glucose spike a … read more