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Halva that will  blow your mind

Our halva is crafted from golden sesame seeds grown in Ethiopia. The seeds are toasted and ground to make tahini, a pure nourishing vitamin and mineral packed superfood that will become your best friend in the kitchen. Our tahini is then mixed with sugar at high temperatures to create halva, this decadent energy packed wonderfood like no other.

Get this... its naturally vegan and gluten free too.

We have a number of flavors to suit your fancy, each made with real ingredients, we don't use artificial flavors or colors.

Lifestyle Blog

​Chocolate truffles with halva dust

Here is a delightful recipe for antioxidant rich, super clean chocolate truffles, rolled in halva cr

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​Green salad with halva

Use halva to add depth of flavor and texture to a simple green salad. Feel free to add fruit as well